A great hush descends

A scratching of pens on paper

A papers been turned over

A shuffle of feet

A cough

A pen falls to the floor

A wobbly desk

A sigh, a sneeze

Vacant looks, a vacant stare

Head scratching, a groan of despair

A chair moves, followed by another

Lost in thought

A hand goes up, more paper required

Now a ruler clatters to the ground

Pages read and re-read

Feet shuffle on the floor

More vacant stares

Hair been tossed over a shoulder

A nose been blown

Paper been turned over, a pen not working

Feet scrapping on the floor

Hair been twirled in fingers

Question paper slides across the floor

The call, ten minutes remaining

The crunch of knuckles, a stretch, a yawn

Time passes and nearing the end

Noise is building in to a crescendo, but no voices

Just more fidgeting and shuffling

Chairs, desks, feet, coughing, sneezing, pens, paper

TIME OVER………………………..


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