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Anne Rogers

Anne Rogers lives on a croft with her husband and various animals — all of whom help to make life worth living. She writes poems and short stories, many of which are composed whilst she's riding round the countryside on her horse or bicycle. She's been a member of Huntly Writers since March 2009.

Fiona Wilson

Born in England in 1949, to an English mother and Scots father, I grew up with a romantic view of Scotland and moved here in 1972. During a brief academic career I got involved with an agriculture student and ended up as a farmer's wife on a small farm in the Aberdeenshire hills. To supplement the income I wrote articles for various papers and magazines on country matters.

After our two children left home we diversified into growing organic herbs and progressed onto producing jams and chutneys in partnership of our daughter and using vegetables grown for us by our son.

With more leisure I am learning to write poetry and short stories in an attempt to express things that non-fiction can't deal with.

Susan Miller

Growing up in the agricultural north-east surrounded by 'Scotland the What' humour, Susan, from a non-Doric household, learned to enjoy the rich sparseness of this area's dialect. She continues to experiment with both English and Doric, contributing to two HW anthologies, Lallans, Dyslexia and Us (Dyslexia Scotland) and POTB (Pushing out the Boat). Winner of the Buchan Heritage Society's Open Verse section in 2016, one of her favourite experiences with HW was creating, 'Pit on yer simmit,' a Doric Renga (and a world first) with four fellow members. Although now an in-absentia HW member, Susan drops in during school holidays.

Kristin Cooper

Kristin J Cooper was born in Brisbane, Australia, and now lives in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, where she writes stories, novels, and poetry in her spare time. In 2008 she wrote and co-produced the short film Carnies and went on to write film scripts for development and production. In 2014 her short story “Bad Mother” was published in Beyond the Nightlight, an anthology of horror stories, and in 2015 “The Christmas Party” was published in an anthology of adult fairy stories called Faed. She finds inspiration in myths, legends, fairytales, and the wild Scottish countryside, especially on cold dark nights by the fireside.

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Ruth Bean

Hi, my name is Ruth Bean and I have been member of the Huntly Writers Group since March 2006.

I have a strong affinity with both Scotland and England as my mother was born in the picturesque town of Stonehaven, Kincardineshire, and my father was born in the heart of London, Somerstown. Throughout my childhood our family holidays were spent in Scotland touring around the North-East and beyond.

Through my writing I love to invite the reader to take a step into the world were words express modern day life and situations.

In 2007 my poems were given airtime on Aberdeen's radio station ME FM along with three other Huntly Writers. Other pieces composed have been published in the Huntly Writers first publication Spirit of the Deveron in 2008 and in the Knock News regional advertiser from February 2010 to June 2010. More recently I have taken part alongside other Huntly Writers in a collaboration with Dudendance Company, Into the Woods, in Battlehill Woods, Huntly, September 2010, performing within a Woodland Orchestra led by sound artist Fabiana Galante. On 22nd September 2010 I performed along with the Huntly Writers at our own event Raspberry Ripple in the New Words 2010 festival at the Rizza's Ice Cream Factory, Huntly.

I hope you enjoy my poetry and will investigate other Huntly Writers listed on our website, our book, and hopefully think of joining our merry Huntly Writers group.

Haworth Hodgkinson

Born in Lancashire and resident in North-East Scotland for twenty years, Haworth Hodgkinson is best known as a poet, but he also writes short stories and is involved in music and theatre.

His second poetry collection Tractor Bastard was published by Malfranteaux Concepts in 2012 and launched at the New Words festival.

His first collection A Weakness for Mermaids was published by Koo Press in 2007.

Poetry by Haworth Hodgkinson has also appeared in a wide range of magazines and anthologies.

In addition to performing as a poet and musician with the Blue Salt Collective, Haworth Hodgkinson is the Founder and Director of North-East Scotland's New Words festival.

See for more about Haworth Hodgkinson.

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Anne Forbes

After many years of research, Anne L. Forbes wrote a book entitled 'Trials and Triumphs - The Gordons of Huntly in Sixteenth-Century Scotland.' It was published in 2012 by John Donald, the academic imprint of Birlinn Ltd., Edinburgh. She wrote a play entitled 'Who Killed the Cock of the North? (A whodunit with a difference!), about the 4th Earl of Huntly, which was performed in 2013 in the precincts of Huntly Castle by See Thru Productions, from Glass, directed by Alison Sellar. In 2014 she made a short film about the great benefactor of Glass, Alexander Geddes and his family as part of the Glass Film Festival. She has enjoyed being part of Huntly Writers and found their input helpful, especially when writing her book..
Anne was brought up in the south of England and taught in a London primary school, then in independent prep schools in Kenya and Norfolk. She came to the North-East of Scotland in 1980. Before concentrating on her writing, Anne taught general subjects in primary and prep schools there, She then enrolled at the University of Aberdeen as a mature student and, in 1995, gained a 2:1 degree in History. She taught the subject at an independent school in Zimbabwe up to International 'A' level, and then English up to GCSE 'O" level in Kenya . She has had several articles published in magazines including Saga about an alarming experience she and her husband had on an overland journey to visit their son and family in Azerbaijan. She would like to write more about their travels, for example going through Ethiopia and Sudan in 2001 on their back to UK.

Lucy Aykroyd

After thirty years as a farmer's wife in Auchterless, and eight more in Clatt, Lucy is at present a migrating swallow to the North-East. She continues to spend time close to the land exploring wild places and wild living. A mother and grandmother to a large family, her writing reflects her rich and varied life.
She is a member of a small writers group in Somerset and attends meetings in Huntly whenever possible.

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Chris Andrews

Born in Thailand and now resident in Aberdeenshire, Chris Andrews writes poetry, plays and prose. He has published a book of his father's poetry in association with Peacock Visual Arts.

He designs and works with gardens and landscape. His interests are the visual arts and photography. He sees writing as a discovery of another landscape in which words are snapshots.

Lilian Cameron

I was born in Wales and brought up in England by a Scottish father and English mother. I always felt a bit of a mongrel, but now feel a true Scot as I have lived in Aberdeenshire for 40 years. I graduated in English from Aberdeen University as a (very) mature student, but apart from some early dabbling, did no creative writing until I joined Huntly Writers in 2008. At the moment I am experimenting, mainly with short stories, but have a novel in my head! Most of my writing has a strong biographical element, not always very well disguised!

Phyllis Goodall

On my family's Aberdeenshire croft the person with most time to talk to me in my childhood was my great-grandmother. Born in 1856 and educated before the Education Act of 1872 forbad the use of the Scots, she had a wide and rich Doric vocabulary. Since ever I could write I have written stories and poems, mostly in Doric. I am a retired teacher, the teuchter wife of golf-playing toonser Tom, a tractable Grandma, an occasional gardener, dowser, Friend of Grampian Stones, Mensan, one-time Munro climber now reduced to Corbetts with Labcollie Floss, and the Secretary of the Huntly Writers.

Margaret Grant

Margaret Grant (1938 – 2015)

Margaret Grant,a founder member of Huntly Writers, died on Sunday 11th October 2015, aged 77, after a short spell of ill health. Margaret was a respected and published Doric poet. She was named as Makar at Huntly’s first Book Festival in October 2013 and continued to hold this honorary Poet Laureate position, until her death.
Born and brought up at Kinnoir, where her father was the blacksmith, Margaret began writing Doric poetry while at primary school in Kinnoir and throughout her youth played the piano in her father’s dance band. She married Hamish, known as Dan, on her 19th birthday in 1957; and his work on farms took the couple all over the North-east before they settled in Huntly in 1966 with their family of four; George, who died four years ago, Kathleen, Ronald and Margaret. They have 12 grandchildren and 15 great grandchildren; and Margaret loved nothing better than having all her family round about her to play cards or scrabble and had mastered the iPad so she could play word games with them remotely.

Margaret published her first book, “Jist for a Lauch” in 1999. A further collection of her work, “Anither Keckle” was printed in 2003 and, in 2008 she published “The Last Lauch.” She took her inspiration from every day events but also wrote sensitive pieces about war and the loss of life. In addition she was regularly commissioned to write poems for birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. At the time she became Makar, a typically modest and unassuming Margaret said she was unsure about accepting the title as she could only write poetry in Doric, not English. For many years Margaret was the long-standing Treasurer of Huntly Writers and her patience, enthusiasm and support was much appreciated.

Huntly Writers are presently working with Margaret’s family to publish a new book of her work, in conjunction with Lumphanan Press. This book will include many previously unpublished works as well as well-known favourites from existing publications. Margaret’s previous books are available from Orb’s Bookshop in Deveron Street, Huntly; and will soon be for sale on this website.