Peace Poem

Peace Poem by Carol Ann

Written for the White Wood Peace event on Saturday 28th May 2016

As I walked down the street one day
I heard an Angel cry
Let peace reside within she said
No-one heard, though many tried.

Let peace reside within she said
Let illusions pass you by
Now is the time to laugh, to hug,
To let the madness be
No time to rage against the tide
Or foes you cannot see.

Let peace within your heart reside
Let it fill you till you’re whole
Only then will it open wide
A window to your soul.

And so I sit upon this bench
My heart an aching space
I call upon the peace to come,
To set this sadness free
No Angel comes to sigh this time
No one to help, but me.

And as I sit here sad inside
A little bird hops by
He cocks his head and does a dance;
Then finds a perch nearby.
A woman comes to sit by me
She smiles, then laughs, then sighs
‘I always like it here’ she says,
‘It’s so peaceful I could cry’.

And now I know she’s here with me,
The Angel by my side
She rests within my healing heart
I smile as I hear her sigh
I am at peace, I love this world
There is no need to cry.

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