Dances with Dragons in Mongolia by Carol Ann


Dances with Dragons in Mongolia by Carol Ann

‘Journey with the author as she follows the clue ‘Shambhalla, Gobi Desert’; to explore sacred landscapes, remote forgotten monasteries and fabled lost cities in Mongolia, ‘The Land of Blue Skies’. With the aid of a driver, guide and a Russian-made ‘Forgon’ van for transport, they spend a month travelling across vast expanses of rolling steppe, high glacial mountains, impenetrable forests and deep, crystal lakes in the north; and the Gobi Desert in the south that stretches to the horizon, seemingly empty save for deep canyons and sweeping sand dunes. Join her as she stays in remote Ger camps, socialises with Nomads and experiences the vagaries of travelling in this vast landscape; with the elements at times seeming to conspire against them. Will she find the Shambhalla of legend; or the location of the fabled ‘City of Serpents’, with its shimmering, golden palace and magical fortress surrounded and protected by a ring of etheric dragons? This is an insightful tale of synchronicity, intuition and spiritual dowsing; combined with practical travel advice that will delight both the experienced traveller and the armchair voyager.’

Dear Book Lovers. This is book is written by one of the most amazing individuals I have ever known. It is without doubt truly from the heart and has been a labour of love for many years. I know you will enjoy and relish the pure honest writing that is good for the soul’ – Amazon buyer

I bought this book at the book launch and read it through the first time as a travel book, with many entertaining anecdotes and travel advice. The second time I focussed on the insights of spiritual travel and dowsing and was even more inspired’ – book launch buyer

Available as a high quality, full colour publication with multiple photographs and hand-drawn maps that include energy flows dowsed at sacred locations; or in eBook/Kindle format to download to your tablet or smartphone.

ISBN No: 9781723163487

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