Rifka – The Adventures of a Gnome by Carol Ann


Rifka – The Adventures of a Gnome’ By Carol Ann

Rifka is the story of an impish, fun loving gnome, who comes out of the ground to find himself beneath Uluru, the sacred ‘Red Rock’ of the Australian Aborigines, in the heart of Australia. He befriends a young girl called Carol and an Aboriginal elder; and tells them of his travels through the underground tunnels across the world, many of which are now blocked, and his quest to repair them. Carol is searching for the magical Rainbow Serpent, which it turns out is the key to unblocking the tunnels and allowing the Earth’s energies to flow freely again.

The story is a very magical one written for children of 5 to 9 years old; although ‘children’ of all ages have been known to enjoy it. There are 12 chapters, each of which is a little story on its own, making it just right for any time of day including bedtime.

This high quality publication is illustrated with full-colour pictures painted by the school children of Alton in Hampshire.

Published by: Travelling Light (email: rifka99@btinternet.com)

ISBN No: 9781902235004