Huntly Writers Yearly Reviews


  • 18th July 2016
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The year 2015 – 2016 has been a very busy one for HW members, with many projects on the go at the same time. We started the year continuing our [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews


  • 18th July 2016
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In 2014 we moved the timing of our AGM to May to thwart the vagaries of the Scottish winter weather, which had often beset previous AGM meetings. We had a [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2013–2014 by Linda Smith

  • 10th May 2016
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It has been six years since I found myself agreeing to take on the position of Secretary to Huntly Writers and I admit that one of my first thoughts on [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2012 by Linda Smith

  • 31st December 2012
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2012 proved another bumper year for Huntly Writers. It has become almost a cliché, but every year seems to bring a plethora of successful events, performances and workshops, while an [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2011 by Linda Smith

  • 31st December 2011
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Huntly Writers can look back on 2011 with a genuine sense of achievement. The group is flourishing and this session saw members tackle a number of new and exciting challenges, [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2010 by Linda Smith

  • 31st December 2010
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Despite a somewhat snowy start to the year and the AGM being postponed till 10 February, because of continuing bad weather, this has been a busy and exciting session for [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2009 by Linda Smith

  • 31st December 2009
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Huntly Writers has continued to thrive in 2009. Meetings are characterised by lively discussion and debate and we have been encouraged to try out new forms of writing and new [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2008 by Phyllis Goodall

  • 31st December 2008
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2008 has been another successful year for the Huntly Writers. All the members read some of their writings from their book Spirit of the Deveron at the Wordfringe 2008 event [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2007 by Phyllis Goodall

  • 30th December 2007
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2007 has been another successful year for the Huntly Writers. Haworth and Maureen have had chapbooks published by Koo Press. Linda, Margaret and Phyllis continue to be published in the [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews

Review of 2005 by Maureen Ross

  • 30th December 2005
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2005 was a successful year for the Huntly Writers. We had work published in Aberdeenshire's Pushing Out the Boat 4, and in Aberdeen City's Storm. We took part in the [.....READ MORE] Yearly Reviews